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Aluminium Plate Solar Water Heater


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This is a simple solar water heater panel, but which doesn't require copper pipe and fittings, and should be more efficient and effective than black hose.

Take a sheet of OSB, marine grade plywood, or similar.
Screw thin wood around the edges, silicone to ensure it's water tight.
Screw slightly angled strips of wood as shown above. This is to force the water to run in a zigzag pattern, so as to pick up more heat and create a more effective convection current.
Place outlets at the top and bottom for the water to enter and leave by. These will need to be fairly slimline so as to fit into the gap created by the wood. Possibly cut down bicycle stem threads.
Screw and silicone aluminium offset printing plates onto the wood, and rivet and silicone them to each other. The whole thing has to be water tight.
Screw on another layer of wood around the edges.
Spraypaint the aluminium black.
Attach a sheet of glass, perspex, etc.
Place in some way as to be pointing at the sun. You may need to make some kind of simple frame, or attach to a structure.
Attach hoses to the outlets and to your water tank. The water can either be pumped through, or utilize a basic thermosyphon setup.


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