It's annoying to find an interesting project online, check their 'what you can do' page, and be offered the choice between donating money and sharing them on Facebook.
That's not a problem here.

Some vital ways to be involved in the SolarFlower project:

Make SolarFlowers.
And when you do, be sure to document any improvements and localizations, then feed them back into the community via the forum.
Maybe set up a workspace and have making and teaching sessions with others in your community.
You're encouraged to sell anything you make, royalty free.

Help others.
Answer questions and offer feedback on the forum, the Facebook group, or in real life.

Translate the site and tutorials.
To be as accessible, the community and tutorials need to be available in as many languages as possible. The Translate page has more information and all the text.


Contact us with any interesting looking competitions and awards, media outlets, blogs, educational institutions, NGOs, and places and projects around Europe and the world we sould visit. Share the site on social media (buttons at top right), tell your friends, and any other way of getting this information spread.

And finally

and leastly, if you really want you can donate a little towards the costs of development and workshops via the widget at the top right, or contact us for other methods.

If you're on Facebook check out for more information and requests for involvement, otherwise questions are best answered in the forum.

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